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Where We Discovered Our Place in the Universe

October 8, 2020

Dear Mount Wilson friend and supporter:

I’m happy to share some exciting news with you!

As recently as three weeks ago, the Bobcat fire was within 20 feet of our storied Observatory where southern California’s golden age of astronomy began in 1904. The 60-inch and 100-inch telescopes, which provided significant discoveries about the cosmos, were in danger of severe damage. The Monastery, where astronomers and physicists stayed during their observing time, including founder George Ellery Hale, Edwin Hubble and Albert Einstein, was in danger of burning to the ground.

But that didn’t happen. Mount Wilson Observatory didn’t surrender to flames because courageous firefighters worked around the clock to preserve and defend this historic spot. And because the Board of the Mount Wilson Institute (MWI) – with help from public and private funding – had prepared for this kind of catastrophe. For the past four years, MWO has diligently maintained the 100-year-old buildings, cleared invasive fire-prone vegetation, replaced decades-old hydrants, and repaired and filled three large water tanks with water for use in years of drought.  Good stewardship and thinking ahead helped Mt. Wilson Observatory survive the wildfire.  

In that spirit, the Board of Mount Wilson Institute approved a Go Fund Me campaign, which launched on Facebook on September 24, 2020. In three weeks the Mount Wilson Future Fund has raised nearly $13,000! These funds will go towards future projects including ongoing fire security needs, refurbishing of the Monastery, and other renovations to bring our facilities up to 21st century standards. We are thrilled by the results so far, and more thrilled by the fact that the GoFundMe donors are primarily citizens who are supporting us for the first time! New contributors will help us grow and expand the plans for Mount Wilson into the future.  

As one of our existing supporters, we encourage YOU, too, to contribute to the Mount Wilson Future Fund on Go Fund Me at whatever level you can.  Also, please consider forwarding this letter to your friends– and encourage THEM to contribute. We would truly appreciate it!

To check out the Mount Wilson Go Fund Me campaign, please click here.

If you prefer to mail us a check, please send it to:
Mount Wilson Institute
P.O. Box 94146
Pasadena, CA 91109

Donate through our website, mtwilson.edu, by clicking here.
Thank you for your ongoing support of our historic and esteemed institution.  By being present, you are an extension of the dedicated mountain staff, the zealous cadre of volunteers and attentive trustees who are carrying George Ellery Hale’s vision Forward.

All the best,
Sam Hale
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mount Wilson Institute


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